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Therapy Vacation

A short-story VHS horror game about therapy vacation.

Play as a Dave, a man, who took a therapy vacation, because of his panic seizures. Dave really likes this hotel. He does so many interesting things here, isnt he?

Core features

  • VHS-styled graphics
  • Short surreal story
  • Comfortable hotel
  • Retro-styled atmosphere

Average playtime: around 10-15 minutes

Game by

Game by Serious Daniel (Daniel Oschepkov)

Made with Unity

Some models are taken from itch.io (PSX furniture pack)

Updated 1 day ago
Published 5 days ago
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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The VHS effect was reduced and now it is more comfortable to play :)

Pretty good, I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Like others said in their feedback, but it's just natural, maybe trun down the CRT scanliens effect a little? If you could update that. Everything looked great, but it was a bit difficult to read the text and some parts (the corridors with flashing lights) really hurts the eyes with the scanlines.

Otherwise, fun and original. Great feel.

Thanks for feedback, the VHS effect was reduced and the update is now available

This was pretty good! But that VHS/CRT scanline effect does need to be tuned down by like a 1000% as it was messing with my eyes and that it made it almost impossible to read the dialogue and see in parts of the game. Made a video on it.


Thanks for feedback, the VHS effect was reduced and the update is now available

Man did this game scare me! It might just be because I'm terrified of Analog Horror, but I was freaking out the entire time. Despite being so scared I had a fun time, So great Job. 

The VHS effect made me quit the game too early lol.

Thanks for feedback, the VHS effect was reduced and the update is now available


This game is sick, like literally im gonna be sick.


VHS effect is too extreme, unfortunately not fun to play in the current state imo.

Thanks for feedback, the VHS effect was reduced and the update is now available


Nice! The only thing that I had a problem with was the VHS effect, it made everything hard to see.

It is reduced

Nice Horror Game!


Phenomenal story and ending, although the bizarre skylines effect does too much and blows my curiosity out of the water. 

Personally, I understood the intention. I've had played a similar game in 2022, which tackled the themes of therapy and hallucinations, yet that game did the trick with more subtlety and progression. This one just throws you straight into the disoriented environment and even thou it is creepy, it is well done, still, made me uncomfortable and not in a good way. I think you just have to consider that and maybe reduce the effect, which would definitely improve the immersion. 

Other than that, there was a minor issue with collision and nothing else. Sound design, ambience - top notch. 

I really like your games and hope you can do better Daniel. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Thank you very much for feedback :)

the VHS effect was reduced and the update is now available

One thing I admire and respect in a person is the willingness to understand and show support towards the other person or any living being. For that, not only do you have my respect, but also my attention. 

As I said in my original comment, the game was fantastic. I mention at the start that I have played the game, but was not fully able to find the ending, just watched someone else's gameplay. Experiencing it in a more different perspective had me going crazy. I loved this very much Daniel. You are a good developer and what's important is that you are an attentive person. Cheers to you! Hope you enjoy my silly playthrough.


Thank you for kind words and for playing :D

great jobs

Thanks for playing :)