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My Attic is kinda strange

Play as a man, who has a very strange attic. Somebody is watching him. Something strange happens here. This attic surely is not a usual normal attic.

Core gameplay

  • find out all secrets which the VERY STRANGE ATTIC hides
  • many different endings
  • Interact with stuff
  • drink coffee
  • watch aliens


The game contains flashing images, loud noises and some jumpscares (well, kinda),

so please, play carefully! :)


Game by Serious Daniel

Made with Unreal Engine

Some models used from sketchfab.com

Some sounds used from zvukipro.com

Published 9 days ago
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer


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It was definitely entertaining!... Even if a bit of a head scratcher lol.

Interesting game. I didn't find all the endings but i did find one you may not even know about xD

I have a theory on the 4th ending watch untill the end to see it! i really enjoyed the game!!!

Aliens and backrooms?  This was a fun short game!  Any more hints to that 4th ending?  I poked around quite a bit.


I don't know how this game scared me but it did....

This was a fun and creepy game. Great work!

Fun, wacky and just the right amount of silliness! Really enjoyed this game

I really enjoyed this game but alas, that mystery 4th ending eluded me! It was fun, wacky and very strange, so of course it gets a thumbs up from me! Here is my video of it, enjoy :)

all endings

Really unique and funny game! It crashes when you jump into the Backrooms after throwing boxes into it or if you pick up the phone before it starts ringing, but that didn't keep me from enjoying this fun experience :)

Good short horror game!

This was a good game i do believe i got all the endings i seen there was 5 that i know of keep up the good work and i hope you like the video

estou em live agora testando seu jogo! https://www.twitch.tv/peluucs

Loved the atmosphere and the fact that it was quite wacky! Fantastic work, mate!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, I assume there are five endings and the "wake up" phone one is the 4rth but it didn't show the 4rth ending screen, it just restarted, over all fun game, good work :)


Hi, the missing 4th ending is not a bug. its connected with storyline, after phone-voice says "wake up to continue"... There are some small details which can give some hints :)

Thanks for playing anyway :)

This Game Was Pretty Darn Good Man It Ran Really Well It Had A Good Balance Of Horror And Comedy lol. I Did Notice One Bug Where If You Tried To Pick U The Phone Before It Rang It Would Give A "Fatal Error" But It Wasnt A Big Deal To Me. I Definitely Had A Great Time Playing And Got A Good Scare In The Backrooms Part all around 9/10 From Me Man Keep It Up! ~Wang


I made a video on your game - 23:28 

game was cool i was very confused at first but i watched more videos on it i get it now w game 

Really cool game, very strange lol!

Surprisingly fun and somewhat original.

I've played some of your games, SeriousDaniel and most of them are unique, fun, immersive enough to have a great experience. This one, definitely different. From the start the main character is clueless, same as the player in real life. I enjoyed the design of the attic and subtle hints of Alien Invasion, the symbols, not to say those endings and a phone call - very ominous and creepy. Sound design and visuals were superb. 

Overall, amazing game. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Thanks for feedback, I am glad too see you liked the game :D

Almost All Endings I guess. 4/5

Hello! I have already tried your game and I have enjoyed it a lot. I was reading in the comments that there was a fatal error in a certain part. It also appeared to me, although only once. This happens when you open the door on the floor and interact with the phone before it starts ringing. Try doing that, if it also gives you the fatal error it's because we found it :) otherwise, it can only be occasional, that is, it doesn't always happen.

Hi, thanks for help, unfortunately, the problem does not appear always, but I am trying to find the cause anyway :)

Deleted 6 days ago

Awesome game! Couldn’t find that 4th Ending though.

great game. enjoyed it a lot. the backrooms part give me a scare lol. cheers

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This was a good one! but I whish there was a good ending.

Lets just say me and that crowbar been through enough...

The game is so good, but it haves a fatal error. 

Hi, thanks for playing, can you please provide the error message which you got in fatal error? I already reveived few feedbacks with such problem, but other people (including me) did not get such error. So the error message will help me to fix it :)

This is the error, let me know if you want a video clip of it. The error occurs randomly when picking up the phone:

Hmm, very strange, I will check, thanks for helping, anyway :)


This was a fun little game! Not sure if I did get all the endings, wasn;t sure if the phone one in the backrooms counted? What was in that coffee? Here is my gameplay with my honest feedback at the end!

Thanks for playing

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Loved the game! I was a bit confused about what to do and how to start but as a whole it was a good experience. I have included your game in my review and I hope y'all enjoy it.

Maybe adding some hints after the player wents multiple times through the same ending would be cool.

love the game thank you :):):)

thank you for playing :)

Got all the ending but when I get the 4th Ending I got a fatal error.

Can you please provide any information about the error message? I will not be able to find and fix the problem without any information about it :)

Done everything but no Ending 4. I drink all the coffee then open the vent and answer the Phone broke the game. 

can you show the "fatal error" message information which you got, as you said, please?

Sure I will share but also tell me where to get the 4th Ending because I tried every single thing in the game any clue???

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i cant tell it there in comments, because it will be kinda spoiler, but there are 3 endings in "backrooms"

so weird game ;D

Thanks for playing